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Welcome to the Hunmanby in Bloom website. Hunmanby is situated on the fringes of the Yorkshire Wolds and 2 miles from the sea and Filey Bay. Formerly Hunmanby land extended to the sea but, in 1935, the town of Filey was given administrative rights over the land. Today Hunmanby is a bustling village (population of circa 3,500) containing a broad range of businesses servicing local, international and tourist based custom.

The In Bloom volunteers are split into teams to cover the whole village but come together when required to complete larger tasks in the village, to raise funds and for social activities. We have created, or helped create, and establish many feature beds, tubs and containers throughout the village (see Areas looked after).

Bringing colour to the village has always been important both for
residents and businesses, many of whom rely on a strong tourist trade. To do this there are over 30 barrels (sponsored @ £25 p\a), which need to look attractive whilst being low maintenance and able to withstand dry
conditions.  With this in mind we experimented with a range of planting schemes, using a combination of water retaining gels, manure and mulching to reduce watering and maintenance and a move away from previous summer bedding plants only.

Many of our sponsors and residents commented on the new approach and in response we have created planting guides to inspire beautiful, low maintenance planting for residents. 
Feature beds around the village reflect our location and desire for sustainable, wildlife friendly planting. 

The gardening ethos extends across a broad range of residential and community sites, you can see these at Hunmanby Primary School, All Saints Church, Hungate Court (sheltered housing), Community Centre, Bayley Gardens, God's Acre and the Allotments. 
Business areas and premises have not escaped our attention as we actively engage with this important group, who in return support our work financially and make land available for planting and care for planters. Evidence can be seen at Peter Milnes Motors, Orchard Farm, Hunmanby Railway Station (Northern Rail), Hunmanby Hall Sports & Leisure, The Cottage, White Swan and Horseshoe Public Houses, The Southgate B & B and our High Street businesses. 

We introduced colour on the High Street through partnership working: Hunmanby in Bloom would provide planters and plants if residents/ businesses would care and water them.  This has proved successful and we are now rolling this out – increasing colour along the shopping area of Bridlington Street through partnership working which is sustainable.
We encourage local residents and businesses to enter Scarborough’s ‘Muck and Magic’ annual competition.

We always welcome volunteer help - as little or as much as you can give.

Please contact our Chair Monica Bridge through our contact section if you would like further details of our events and activities.


Yorkshire in Bloom awarded the village of Hunmanby 
Silver gilt in 2019

Hunmanby was entered in Yorkshire in Bloom for 2019 under the category 'Grow Your Own Community'. The village was judged on Wednesday 10 July.

There were a total of 9 other awards given to the village by Scarborough Council Muck and Magic team in 2019 and they were for the best small gardens, container gardens, Bayley Gardens, The Cottage Garden, Horseshoe, Cottage and White Swan pubs, the Railway Station and a special Community Challenge Award for the Market Cross (looked after by Vi and Brian Waining).

The Yorkshire in Bloom competition has been cancelled for 2020 because of coronavirus.

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